Founded in January, 2013 by Sid & Norma Homan, Much Ado About Doris (MAAD), the original name of GIG, became the house improv group of the Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center.


In January, 2013, Sid chose member Jeff Jurgens to be the first Director of the MAAD.


MAAD performed its first short and long form show near spring of 2013 at The Doris.


In 2017, MAAD officially changed it's name to the Gainesville Improv Guild (GIG).

Since 2013, GIG has performed in over 40 shows, showcasing at such places as Acrosstown Repertoire Theater, The Actor's Warehouse, Satchels, Rockeys Dueling Piano Bar, The High Dive, 352Creates, and The Doris. 

GIG has hosted multiple benefits for local organizations such as the Women's Center of UF, the House of Hope, the St. Francis House, and Trilogy School.


GIG has also involved itself in the community by partnering with the Suwannee County club for future leaders.

In 2019 GIG entered its 7th season.